Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is this what 32 is supposed to look like?

This is either a mug shot or a birthday picture. Me and the girls were talking about what to put on the web site this morning. Olivia wanted pictures of her blanket and Katie wanted to take a "birthday picture" of Daddy. So Katie took the picture and unfortunately this is the result. The girls think the picture is hilarious and laugh every time they see it. As for me....each year gets less kind to the ol' mug. But I do like the hair. The sad thing is we spent at least 15 minutes retouching the photo and ultimately decided black and white made it much less scary.
The rest of December should be filled with much better pictures of the beautiful girls and some Christmas fun.

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joslyn said...

this made me laugh. happy birthday jas. we miss you and your family. i am glad you saw the boys picture on KSL. they thought it was the best.