Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas on Peacock Street

Last night we went to a place called Peacock Street that is a bit famous here in Portland for its Christmas light display. It was a clear cold night so it was perfect for taking in the sights. We went with our friends the Newby family. They have two daughters who are the same age as Katie and Livy and they just added a son. (Lucky)
The street was absolutely packed.....full of families, teenagers and drunk groups of hooligans dressed up like Santa and singing slurred Christmas songs. One of the Santa's even had a Freddy Krueger mask on which went over well with the girls.
We did run in to the real Santa Claus while walking past one house. The streets were packed, so we quickly gathered the girls together to get a picture with him. As I aimed for the perfect shot I noticed that we had made a new friend. We have no idea who he is, but he seemed like a nice kid so we kept him in the picture. We are just going to tell everyone that he was our Wednesday's child and we were taking him out for some Christmas cheer.

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