Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oasis in Seattle

So last night I was able to check something off of my bucketlist. To most of you this is going to seem lame......but Britt and I drove up to Seattle to see my favorite band Oasis. I keep hearing, "They are still around? What songs do they sing?" You should get on itunes and find out. They are great. In the picture is Liam and Noel Gallagher. Liam is the lead singer....and is one of the great front men of all time. He doesn't dance, move.....anything. He just stares into the crowd like he wants to fight someone the whole show. Brittanie was blown away by's actually quite hilarious. Noel is the mastermind and main song writer for Oasis. He is probably best known for singing, "Don't look back in anger," from their album, "What's the story morning glory?" Anyway, it was a great show. Although, crowds in the Northwest lack enthusiasm. We saw Foo Fighters in Portland a few weeks ago and the crowd was weak at that show as well. Britt and I left for the show at 3pm.....and returned home at about 3am. It was well worth it. I have had tickets for Oasis two other times. The first time was in Vegas.....but we got pregnant with Katie so we had to sell them. The 2nd time I had tickets for their show in '05 in Seattle....but we were living in Medford and I didn't have time off to go. Those tickets went to waste. They are really a great band.....and probably still the biggest thing going in the UK. Anyway, thanks to my wife for letting me indulge in childish things when I get the whim to do so. And thanks to our good friends The Wilbur's for taking care of our girls while we went to the show. We don't know what we would do without you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to Utah

We went home for my Mom's wedding in early August. I had to work in Utah, so the girls came with me a few days early. (Britt had to come the day before the wedding, but got a much needed break from the kids) Anyway, the girls spent their days with Cortney and Jack while I was working. They had such a great time, as you can see by the pictures. HOPEFULLY (hint, hint) my Mom will email me some wedding pictures so you can see what a beautiful wedding she and Terry had. A big thanks to Cort and Jack....the girls had a blast.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The 'Stache

Because I'm a huge fan of mustaches.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We have been in Utah this week. (the girls are still there) We went out for my Mom's wedding to Terry. Hopefully we'll get some pictures up was an amazing wedding. We also had a chance to go up to the alpine slide in Park City. The girls had a great time....well, Livy had a great time. Katie spent most of the time horrified.

Livy's attitude is pretty unreal.
I couldn't push the sled fast enough for our little speed demon.
Katie held on tight to Mom on our way up the mountain.
What a ham!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


You can't trust deer....check out their crazy laser eyes.

So at least once a week the girls tell me about the family of deer that walk along the ridge in our backyard. This morning they came to eat out of our neighbor's bird feeder. The twins are very small....and the Mom looks very young too. Hard for me to tell though.....It's not like I'm Grizzly Adams. It was pretty scary in the first picture when they tried to melt us with their laser eyes.