Sunday, July 5, 2009

The name predicament .....

The picture you see here may not seem significant to you.....but it is actually quite special. This is:
  • The only known picture of my pregnant wife
  • The only known picture of my son in his mother's belly

Britt is not a fan of pregnancy and more than most anything....she refuses to have her picture taken while "with child." It's a bummer for me. I'd always imagined having those fancy black and white glamour shots of my pregnant wife hanging around our house....OK, maybe not, but I'd still like some memories of everything she has been going through.

Anyway, not the point. The point is, we still don't have a name for the boy. That is where family and friends (hopefully) come in. I have gone through 3 baby name books, and so far we have nothing. I'm pushing the name Magnum really hard, but nobody else seems to like it. Right now the top consensus pick is probably Connor, but I'm not sold. It seems like every good name has already been used or is super common. So I'm asking for your help. Name our baby!! I'll even make this interesting for you.....If you suggest the name we use for our boy I will send you a prize worth up to, but not more than $5.00. It could be candy, a small pack of Lego's, a package of disposable razors.....let your imagination run wild. Just put your suggestions on the comment board and we'll see what happens.

Things you should know:

  • His middle name will be Jason
  • We will not accept suggestions that have anything to do with Lord of the Rings (Bilbo Kelly doesn't have a great ring to it)
  • I really like the name Taylor but I'm told that this is now a girls no girl names
  • I will be the ultimate "decider" on the name....but Brittanie has veto really, she's the decider

I'm hoping we can have an official name by August 1st.....we'll see what happens. There is a solid chance the first few weeks of his life may be spent simply as "Boy."