Thursday, July 31, 2008

Better late than never

So clear back in June my Mom took all of us (the entire fam) to California. We stayed in a really nice beach house in Laguna Beach. We did a lot of cool things like Disneyland, an L.A. Angels game and a lot of beach time. The kids absolutely loved it.....we all did. The only bad thing about the trip was us forgetting our camera. We have virtually no pictures from the trip. At Disneyland we bought a disposable camera and just recently had the pictures developed. They aren't very clear, but we'll get more as soon as my Mom and Sister send me their pics. (hint hint) A very very special thanks to my Mom for such a great time. She took care of everything for us and it was a total blast.

Does Peter Pan look as annoying as he actually was?
I think this is something from Alice in Wonderland.
Livy loved riding the tea cups.
The kids were so excited to see Mickey.
Niko trying to do his best Goofy is a classic shot.

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