Sunday, February 10, 2008

The end of an era

So "B" has been with us since Katie was born. Gradually we have seen 'her' fall apart piece by piece. Katie sleeps with it over her ear every night. During the day she chews on it.....which hasn't helped it's life span. When we wash "B", it is only by the grace of a tightly knotted pillow case that it survives. We think we are in the final week or two of "B's" 5 + years with us. I'm not sure if it will be harder for me or Katie when we actually have to throw it away. The three pictures of "B" are in the various stages of its life.


joslyn said...

sad. i will be sad when i have to toss one of the kids blankies.

reilly kelly said...

hahahah i thought that the day of the B worl d never come to an end but i guess i was wrong :(